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About the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is the main economic ministry of the Government of Israel. It is responsible for planning and implementing the Government's overall economic policy. The Ministry prepares the draft State Budget and monitors implementation of the approved budget, manages state revenues and collects direct and indirect taxes, promotes nonresident investments and conducts the Government's economic relations with the Government of the United States, regulates the capital market, savings, and insurance, and maintains auxiliary units for government ministries in motor vehicles, computer services, and printing.

The units of the Ministry of Finance may be categorized by the three types of service they provide:

  • Government staff services – departments that act on behalf of units and operations of the government: budgeting of government operations (Budget Department), operations of the Accountant General, economic services in the United States, and control and auditing of Finance Ministry operations (Internal Audit Unit).
  • General economic staff services – departments that act in matters pertaining to the economy at large: promotion and administration of nonresident investments (Investment Authority), management of state revenues (State Revenue Administration), and regulation of the capital market, insurance, and savings (Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Department). The Income Tax and Property Tax Department implements the Income Tax and Property Tax ordinances; the Customs and Value Added Tax Department collects indirect taxes (those pertaining to imports, domestic manufacture, and added value).
  • Auxiliary services for government ministries – motor-vehicle services (Government Vehicle Administration), computer services for the tax departments (Computer Service), and printing (the Government Printer, a business enterprise owned by the Ministry of Finance).

How to find the ministry's head office?

The ministry's head office is located in Jerusalem.
Its address is: 1 Kaplan St. Jerusalem 9103002, P.O.Box 3100, Israel

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