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Bank of Israel Publications and Reports

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Bank of Israel Annual Reports

The Bank of Israel's Annual Reports are published at the end of March, and are submitted to the Knesset and the Finance Committee of the Knesset in accordance with section 59 of the Bank of Israel Law, 5714-1954. The reports encompass a broad range of areas of economic activity: they review and analyze the economy and economic policy; output, uses, and principal industries; inflation and monetary policy; the financial system; the labor market; general government and how it is financed; the balance of payments; and welfare policy.

Recent Economic Developments

Recent Economic Developments (RED) are four-monthly reviews published about a month after the end of each period. The reviews, illustrated by diagrams, summarize and analyze developments on the real side, in the labor market, in government activity, in the balance of payments, in prices, in monetary policy and the capital market, as well as the main developments world wide. Part 2 of each review presents a broader review of selected issues relevant to the economy. The reviews also contain tables giving the latest data on Israel's economy.

Financial Statements

The Bank of Israel's financial statements are published annually, and contain the Bank's balance sheet as of December 31 and the Profit and Loss Account for the year ending December 31. The reports also contain notes and explanatory remarks to the financial statements, and an annual review of Israel's payment and settlement systems. The reports also have a statistical appendix, with series of annual and monthly data on items in the financial statements.

Israel's Banking System

The Annual Reviews of Israel's Banking System analyze developments in the banking system with regard to activity, business results and risks, the structure of the system, and the activity of the Banking Supervision Department.
The reports are illustrated by diagrams and contain text tables, as well as a statistical appendix containing detailed data which can researchers and analysts to analyze trends in Israel's banking system.

Market Operations Department Annual Reports

The Annual Reports of the Market Operations (until 2007 Foreign Currency) Department, illustrated by diagrams and containing tables, describe and analyze changes in the level of Israel's foreign exchange reserves, developments in their management and liquidity, and the holding-period rate of return and the risks to which the reserves portfolio is exposed, also in comparison to the portfolios of other managers.

Inflation Reports

The Inflation Reports are published biannually about one month after the end of each half year. The reports, illustrated by diagrams, summarize and analyze monetary developments in the economy, with specific reference to the inflation target set by the government and to the changes required to monetary policy in the light of the path followed by inflation, both actual and expected, all this against the background of macroeconomic changes in Israel and abroad. The appendices consist of tables containing the latest monetary data used by policymakers. Printed versions of the reports are also available.

Lectures and Papers by the Governor of the Bank of Israel

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