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Other Governmental Sources

Following are selected governmental sources for various publications and reports on economic related issues non-including the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Israel or Central Bureau of Statistics.

Prime Minister's Office

The National Economic Council Page

The National Economic Council serves as a headquarters for the Prime Minister in economic matters, with the purpose of assisting in the process of decision-making in these fields, while being based on professional analysis, current data and methodical long-term thinking.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MFA News

Press releases and articles referring the Israeli economy, government policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs economic publications, Ministry of Finance publications, Bank of Israel publications, Central Bureau of Statistics publications, economic events and more.

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Ministry Publications

Publications regarding Israel's innovative homeland security solutions, industrial cooperation in Israel, economic & trade representatives abroad, the Israeli economy at a glance, " Invest in Israel" materials, incentives for industrial R&D in Israel by office of the Chief Scientist, Israel NEWTech - water technology sector report, life sciences in Israel, the Israeli diamond industry and on starting a business in Israel.

Industrial Cooperation Authority Publications

The ICA is an Israeli government entity, operating within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Publications include The Israeli Economy at a Glance, as well as reviews on high-tech, aerospace, automotive, defense related products, electronics, electro-optics, energy, engineering, homeland security, information technology, medical devices, metal & industrial equipment, plastics & rubber, telecom, venture capital, water, and other reviews by

Invest in Israel Download Page

Invest in Israel is Israel's Investment Promotion Center at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The center promotes foreign direct investment into Israel, and encourages additional investment by multinationals already invested in the country. In their download page you can find videos, reports and brochures, presentations, sectors at a glance, articles, flyers, investment newsletters and other publications

Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS)

The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (MOITAL) ,empowered by the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial Research & Development – 1984 (R&D Law), oversees all Government sponsored support of R&D in the Israeli industry. This broad spectrum support stimulates the development of innovative state of the art technologies, enhances the competitive power of the industry in the high-tech global market, creates employment opportunities and assists in redressing Israel 's balance of payments. In addition to its domestic activities, the OCS is involved in a myriad of bi- and multinational industrial R&D agreements.

MATIMOP - Calls For Proposals

MATIMOP is the government agency that generates and implements international cooperative industrial R&D programs between Israeli and foreign enterprises. MATIMOP, the executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor of Israel (OCS), is the official National Agency for industrial R&D cooperation charged with promoting highly supportive policies to build Israel's industrial infrastructure, and nurturing industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

Various Publications, Information and Data

Various publications, information and data regarding Israel energy sector, fuel, electricity, energy conservation, natural resources, gas, water, desalination, sewage and R&D.

Ministry of Communications

Ministry Presentations

Various presentations regarding the telecommunications sector in Israel

Ministry Documents

Various presentations regarding the telecommunications sector in Israel

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Israel Environment Bulletin

Israel Environment Bulletin is published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection twice a year. Its aim: to survey environment policy and activities in Israel for the benefit of readers worldwide.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

English Information

Information on Israel’s agriculture, facts & figures, PBR and Foreign Trade. Also, contains links to information from the ministry's subsidiaries: The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), The Centre for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (CINADCO), and more.

Ministry of Public Security

Information Center

“Innovation Exchange” is an annual publication of the Information Services Unit of the Ministry of Public Security, distributed mainly abroad. “Innovation Exchange” presents news and advances in the fields of Public Security in Israel. Items of special interest include: The program for the privatization of a new prison; Police-community partnerships; Policing the Old City of Jerusalem; Family Group Conferences in Youth Justice; the special work of victim identification unit.

Ministry of Science and Technology

Euraxess Israel

This portal provides up-to-date information about research opportunities in Israel, funding resources, general information about Israel and practical information for the researcher and his family (i.e. entry conditions, social security, housing, schooling, etc.). The portal is a part of a European Commission initiative EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, a network of service centers located in 35 European countries, designed to assist researchers in their mobility within Europe, see our Services Commitment.

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